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The recommended dental cleaning and consultation has it that you need to see your dentist every six months or even more regularly. We offer this medical checkup for the identification of risk factors and proper management of conditions affecting the teeth. Dental health should not be underrated since research shows that it is responsible for a good deal of medical conditions. It is not uncommon to hear that a patient got rheumatic heart disease after a dental procedure.

The biggest step in improving oral hygiene is observing the right manner of teeth brushing. This is something that you are supposed to be doing after every meal.

  • When brushing the teeth, make it a point to do so at an angle to the gums.
  • This will prevent gum injury and hence gingival diseases.
  • Always be gentle with your teeth. M
  • any people assume that the teeth tough enough to take rigorous strokes of the toothbrush.
  • The teeth are made of living tissue and need only gentle cleaning to achieve the purpose.
  • Don’t forget to get to the inner surfaces as plague deposits often find a way of accumulating there. Brush the tongue and flush the mouth with enough amounts of water to rinse food debris and the toothpaste.
  • You need to do flossing in addition to brushing the teeth: The reason behind this is due to the fact that toothbrushes have a limitation and cannot reach some parts of the mouth. When such places are left unattended, generous amounts of plague deposits begin to form.
  • Tooth decay and gum infections follow soon after the plaques have become consolidated and impenetrable. It is good practice to do daily flossing using a piece of string.

Bacteria love sweets just as you do.

Dental health and diet, therefore, go hand in hand.As you eat more carbs and sugars in the diet, the risk of bacteria forming colonies in your teeth increases. So, you get unhealthy teeth and probably become obese due to the high-calorie diet. In the same way, when you eat roughage from fruits and veggies, you end up getting better teeth and general health. Milk and its products are a proved way of strengthening teeth. They contain calcium which builds up strong teeth.

Bad breath or halitosis is social nuisances that may make people avoid you like a plague.

To avoid this, drink a lot of water, brush teeth regularly, and remember to replace old toothbrushes after every 3 months. Remove and clean dentures to avoid bad breath from multiplying bacteria. Using electric toothbrushes have the advantage of doing a perfect job. However, if you are overzealous, you may need to use the manual controllable toothbrushes. Choose the right brush for you to effectively get rid of bad breath.

Tooth decay is reversible. It is even preventable. The best way to avoid getting tooth decay is by ensuring that you brush your teeth regularly with the right paste. Fluoride toothpaste is good at preventing decay because it has antibacterial properties. When you are changing your toothpaste, consider also changing the paste just in case the bacteria are getting resistant. Limiting snacks and eating a balanced diet will also help in ensuring your holistic wellbeing.

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